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Lamigo Industrial Co.,Ltd

Lamigo Industrial Co.,Ltd

Wholesale Makeup Eyebrow Microblading Blades Microblades 18U 0.18mm Nano Perfect for Nano Hair Strokes Eyebrow

  • Product Item:LGMNPHIU18
  • Category:Microblading Needles
  • Views:1046
  • Perfect for Nano Hairstrokes
  • 18U-0.18mm
  • individual package
  • Can put logo on blade
  • Product Manual:*Nano baldes 18U perfect for thin Microblading Strokes and Nano Brows *Sterilization certified by Gamma Ray, complies with Government Sterilization Guidelines. *Type:18 U Sharp Blades, perfect Nano

Product Name Microblading Nano Blades 18U-0.18mm
Material Medical 304 Grade Stainless Steel
Packing Individually packed with Exp Date and Lot.No.
Sterilization method Gammy Ray
Type 18U
Size 0.18mm
Use Nano hairstrokes

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