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Lamigo Industrial Co.,Ltd

Lamigo Industrial Co.,Ltd

Professional Permanent Makeup Cartridge Needles Disposable Screw Cosmetic Tattoo Needles for PMU Pen Machine

  • Product Item:CNXM1T
  • Category:Needle Cartridge
  • Views:1004
  • D1R, 1R, 3R, 5R, 5F, 7F
  • Disposable Sealing Sterilization Package
  • Screw Needle Cartridge
  • Medical Stainless Steel
  • Product Manual:*Material: Stainless Steel *Individually packed. Disposable using only. *Each needle is sterillized with E.O Gamma Ray. *Needles are sharp and elastic, make the eyebrow line beautiful.

Brand Name


Item Name

Permanent Makeup Needle Cartridge 


Eyebrow / Eyeliner / Lip Permanent Makeup Beauty


Medical Stainless Steel

Available Sizes

D1R, 1R, 3R, 5R, 5F, 7F


each one in a individual bag

OEM Minimum Order Quantity(MOQ)



Screw Needle Cartridge

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