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Lamigo Industrial Co.,Ltd

Lamigo Industrial Co.,Ltd

Powerful Permanent Makeup Tattoo Machine 5 Speeds for Eyebrow Eyeliner Lips Tattoo Machine

  • Product Item:LGPMUCHEP02
  • Category:Permanent makeup machine
  • Views:559
  • For Eyebrow Eyeliner Lips
  • Working speed: 5 Levels
  • built in swiss motor: higher and more stable performance
  • Needles size:1R-0.18mm,1R-0.25mm,1R-0.35mm,2R,3R,5R,7R,3F,5F,7F
  • Product Manual:*Tattoo pen Frosted Surface: Comfortable touch, adopt with pure metal shell technics. *Tattoo machine: 5 levels speed, suitable your different tattooing,permanent makeup ,microbldading request. *Per

Product name Powerful Permanent Makeup Machine
Color Rose, Black, Silver
Material Stainless steel
Level 28000 RPM to 35000 RPM
Advantage 5 Speeds
Multifunctions Eyebrow, Eyeliner, Lips, small tattoo design
Power mode Wire
Needle length adjustable 0-2.5mm
Speed Level 3 Levels
Needles available size


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